1. What is UPINFOSOURCE?  UPINFOSOURCE is a comprehensive resource for financial professionals who are seeking to understand and manage all aspects of unclaimed property reporting and planning on behalf of corporate holders.

2. What makes UPINFOSOURCE different?  Unlike other public or proprietary databases, UPINFOSOURCE is intended to provide financial professionals with all of the tools and resources necessary to manage the unclaimed property function, including direct access at no additional cost to professionals who have exclusively served corporate holders for over 25 years. 

For example, in the VDA and Audit Defense Checklist, in addition to providing a checklist of reports that you will need or that the auditors will request, we take it several steps further by explaining why a particular report is necessary, how it should be or will be analyzed and how the information obtained will be used by the auditors in building a liability assessment or by you in a voluntary submission.  

Another example is the Best Practice tips we convey.  These "Practice Tips" are the result of years of experience and knowledge gained from working with holders helping them to resolve their unclaimed property issues.

3. What specific tools and resources are provided to UPINFOSOURCE members?  Members are provided 24/7 access to specific planning documents on all aspects of unclaimed property, including guidelines on Managing an Unclaimed Property Audit, How to Conduct a Self Review, Policies and Procedures Manuals, Compliance Guidelines, specific opportunities to minimize a corporate holder’s liability and easy to reference state-by-state rules.

4. What are some of the other features of UPINFOSOURCE?  Members will be able to access at no additional cost confidential advice from seasoned professionals to address specific questions or provide further insights. 

Members can also access links to state administrators, the 50 state statutes, law firms specializing in unclaimed property and compliance software providers.  

5. If I join UPINFOSOURCE do I still need to engage a service provider?  Many members will find that access to the educational tools, resources, “how to” guidelines, industry links and government links, together with direct access to our seasoned professional advisors, enable them to be self-reliant.  However, if the member chooses to engage a service provider, the member will be much more informed and efficient in dealing with its service provider.

6. Do I still need to engage legal counsel?  The unclaimed property environment is very different today than years prior and engaging legal counsel is more important than ever.  At a minimum, the member should always seek legal counsel on matters requiring legal advice and guidance.  UPINFOSOURCE will educate the member so that the member can interact with counsel from a base of knowledge.  

7. What about updates?  Members will be provided on-line regular updates, the ability to join regularly scheduled webcasts on recent developments, access to articles on topical issues impacting specific industries and property types and additional guidance in evolving areas, including new audit developments, planning opportunities and  reviews on compliance software and new service providers.

8. Is UPINFOSOURCE state financed by or has any affiliation to the states?  No, UPINFOSOURCE is privately owned and managed by professionals who exclusively serve the corporate community as holder advocates.  No portion of its fees are directly or indirectly related to services performed on behalf of the states, and it does not serve in any capacity other than as a resource and confidential advisor to corporate financial professionals.

9. Why now?  UPINFOSOURCE was organized after years of serving corporations who were seeking information on how to more cost effectively and efficiently organize and manage all aspects of unclaimed property.  In today’s environment, financial professionals need immediate access to the information and the tools without the cost and inconvenience of having to search multiple sources.  UPINFOSOURCE provides the resources an organization requires in order to meet its unclaimed property requirements while minimizing its liability on a prospective basis.

10. How is UPINFOSOURCE priced?  Members pay a single or a multiple year subscription fee to access all of our resources including the advisory services of our experienced professionals.  All resources are web-based and can be accessed on a single or multiple-user basis.  There are no additional hourly fees, software charges or hidden document fees charged to our members.

11. How do I subscribe?  For more information on UPINFOSOURCE, or for a complimentary tour of our resources, please contact us directly at UPadvisor@UPinfosource.com, or call us directly at (312) 624-9232 or (312) 286-6200.